Hello friends, I’m “Congressman Dave Schweikert”*


You may know me from “Friends of David Schweikert” or from my personal PAC “Team Dave.”

Friends, I’ve been under quite a bit-o-stress lately and I’m using this blog to work through some of the things my consultants and / or lawyers probably don’t want me to talk about in public. Even though, obviously it’s all I can think about right now.

Lots of famous and wonderful Congressmen have been investigated by the House Ethics Committee - not just me. For example, everybody’s favorite Republican: Abraham Lincoln. Oh wait, that’s not true. Ok, how about Frederick Douglass? He’s doing a lot these days, maybe he’s being investigated by — no, he’s not?

So who am I with?

What’s that you say? Dennis Hastert? Oh gosh, anybody good? Tom DeLay and Mark Foley? :-(



Mine are just bigger than most. Historically, I’ve been against making student loans more affordable - which is ironic because these days, I’m helping a whole lot of lawyers pay off their student loans.

tubes of karma

what is the internet?

I have come to believe that the Internet is actually a series of tubes filled with karma - karma that is now being released in response to my opposition to net neutrality. Oops.

Here’s some cool stuff I spent my campaign funds on … instead of buying www.DaveSchweikert.com like the intelligent steward I’m pretending to be.